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March 29, 2010


Hello Lovers, the title makes it seem like i’ve died or something haha but like i said new year, new start and well why not a new blog!!! well i wouldn’t say new! content will be about the same, i might have a page with more personal and non fashion related stuff . but other then that i just wanted a cleaner look… This blog is not filled yet, i still have lots i have put in place so… keep checking back for updated changes! haha. so i’d like to thank my sweet sweet deary darling boyfriend for designing this blog, and the coder guy! props to U! haha i hope you like the change! my blog will still be there for the posts from 2008. Im Excited! thanks for reading my blog and….love u all!
Below is a recap of some of the outfits i’ve posted since i started this blog two yrs ago. some you have seen some you haven’t. Let’s take a trip down memory lane! shall we?


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