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November 29, 2010


Sweater & Sunglasses: American Apparel
Leather Shorts: Monki
Belt: Twinkle
Shoes: Tory Burch
Bag: Chanel

Over the years i’ve learnt to buy random pieces of clothing or accessories and work them into my existing wardrobe instead of buying whole outfits. A new belt will add freshness to an old sweater. So sometimes it’s not just about getting something nice but getting something that catches your imagination and prolong the life of your clothes before you stick it to the back of your closet.
Christmas is on it’s way!! i love decorating for christmas it’s just a warm happy holiday and the food is a plus. Snow would be nice. I can’t wait to make gingerbread houses, red and green cupcakes drink hot apple cider. Clam chowder and banana bread is christmasy for me. I go all the way with the music and the old cheesy christmas movie reruns.

Whats on your wish list?


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November 28, 2010


Jacket, Bag & Glasses: Chanel
Pants & Shoes: Nike
When Chanel make sports wear you know it’s chic to exercise. Sunday is the new get off your ass and get healthy day. We walked from central tsui wah to the peak and back. The good thing about hiking (if you can even call it that) is the amount of water you drink! I drank two huge bottles of water and sweat it all out. Since elementary school we’ve learnt to make big goals and small goals. Of course regular exercise means good health, lovely glowing skin and  staying fit but when you are trying to hike (crawl) up the mountain all that wont help so thats where the gelato and chilli fries and hotdogs come in.

How about that view and the roaring sunset.

Eat fruit, Drink water and put on sunscreen everyone.

p.s. Those Nike trainers are pretty beat up haha remember when i posted about them like 6  months ago when they were brand new?? what im trying to say is.. when i say i love them i really do mean i LOVE them.

I forgot to mention that the Chanel jacket was my moms that she bought like a decade ago!!! so i guess it can be labeled as vintage! Thats why Chanel is Chanel. You can literally wear it and pass it on to your kids!

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November 27, 2010


Camel Coat: JDC
Beige Pink Tank: H&M
Leggings& Glasses: American Apparel
Scarf: Boutique in Shanghai
Shoes: Tory Burch
Rings:  from Italy. A present from my mom.
I might blog about fashion but i don’t jump on the latest trends like a crazy person. Especially when its something you see everywhere. The Camel coat was a huge hit ever since Celine and Chloe decided to take over the world with it. the minimalist look is what im about and im all for it but i couldn’t bring myself to purchase one even with knock offs at Zara and H&M from two seasons ago. This one from JDC came just in time haha and lets just say $499 hkd is a no brainer.
Leopard print have been a favorite ever since i was old enough to wear it without looking like a rebel. Leopard print in the 90s just weren’t perceived as glamorous (in my book). i think i have a leopard print of everything, from underwear to socks to pants to jackets…. no hats though no hats and thats when you know you have a healthy obsession.
I do worry about wearing too much of it from time to time but hey if 韩火火 can get away with the constant jacket over the shoulder black Givenchy studds look why can’t i with my leopard print?  Im jealous.


p.s. i love my ring (that looks kind of like a beautiful tumor) Thanks mom.

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