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December 27, 2010


Y3, Trench
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Whats more Christmasy then a bright red trench coat. This Y3 trench i got at the old Joyce shop at pacific place like 7 years ago. It’s freakin cold here in Hong Kong. I’ve started to think more about what i want to do. More ideas. Putting more of those ideas to work. I think at some point in our lives we tend to feel comfortable and be lazy but you shake yourself up and re prioritize your standards. Some people are comfortable with 3 full meals and a good nights sleep, some need more excitement, more control, more meaning …just more. Though im blessed with the three full meals… i. want. more.

Nothing is impossible. you just have to be brave and take that first step.
People like to ask, what do you imagine yourself doing in 5 years time.
I like to say, something amazing, something unimaginable.


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December 23, 2010


Dress: Hanalie X Cindiddy leopard print maxi dress

Tuesday was Hanalie’s charity fashion show @ Volar. Premiering their effortless chic  Cruise collection which will be available online (Link Here)  in January if im correct.
Along with Sabrina Ho ,Josie Ho, Ellie Lam  and Claudine. I collaborated with Hanalie to make a dress for the Charity show all proceeds will go to the Hong Kong Cancer Fund. We wore our designs that night so my piece was the leopard maxi dress. I couldn’t find the perfect leopard maxi dress therefore i decided to make one with this opportunity. I don’t know if you can see in the photos but the front of the dress is leopard print and the back is a black jersey material (which makes the dress more casual and more comfortable).

Congrats to Hanalie, Natalie and Haylie, my favorite and most dedicated local designers!!

Happy Christmas Eve Lovers!


Wait for part two!!

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December 13, 2010


I’ve been a good girl and Santa has sent me a little goody called the Porefector. I am obsessed with anything that can make my skin cleaner, brighter, smoother, plumper and firmer. The Clarisonic is a gadget that gives you cleaner skin, 6 times cleaner to be exact. I’ve wanted one ever since i saw it on youtube a year ago but never got around to it. Joyce Beauty starting stocking them in september and i jumped on it like a crazy person. It’s on the more expensive side $2100 but it comes with a normal brush head for your face and a body brush head. I put it on my christmas wish list so that maybe someone will get it for me haha but no i couldn’t wait a whole month. Definitely clearer skin and definitely worth trying! you can also go on Ebay and buy the Clarisonic MIA (the travel version) it’s a whole lot cheaper.

The Porefector is a gadget from Bliss, it Clears your pores, shrinks them and help your skin drink up whatever moisturizer or serum you put on. Another product i’ve bee DYING to try but haven’t gotten around to getting it. The Lovely ladies from Bliss sent this to me as a christmas pressie and i am SO EXCITED! it is the perfect addition!
Showing off my bliss products haha actually this is only part of it cause i gave some of it to the bf. With bliss you can never go wrong except for the Sunscreen though i break out every time i use it, but to be fair i still haven’t found one that doesn’t break me out.

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