May 9, 2012


photos by TimChang (

Stolen Girlfriends Club skirt @ChristingC
American Apparel tank
Elizabeth and James glasses
WHYRED heels @UrbanOutfitters
Chanel purse

Life is a series of events. A series of good and bad ones. A series of events that either happen to you or you make happen. Make you better or worst. What do you say when theres nothing you can say. What do you do when theres nothing you can do. You realize you never saw the opportunity to redeem yourself as a real opportunity. What do i have to offer? When you think you’ve experienced it all and are as strong as you possibly can be. Something happens and says “now experience this.” How does it feel when you know the best option is to walk away cause it was never what it was supposed to be when it all began. “I told you so.” I imagine. Is something you’ll be hearing more often then not.

Just something i wrote a few months ago. My ipad and my iphone are my best friends. Every time i think about something or every time im inspired to write something, i whip it out and write away. I have the worst memory! and im not over exaggerating. There are pros and cons to that.. pros are i forget anything bad that happens, cons are… i usually also forget the good things that happen. Of course there are moments in my life that i’ll always remember. Moments that mark the beginning…and moments that mark the end.. always finds a way to stay. Im a very sentimental person. Flowers make me smile, days alone ground me but too many days alone and i start to miss you.


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