August 10, 2011


It’s the deadline, and its time to wrap up my style portfolio. Quite honestly, i had no clue what to put in it. It’s something i’ve never done before but here it is. =D i put a lot of thought into this whole thing and i hope it shows!
So this video here (i love the filter, which was added after) is a way for me to show you a tiny piece of my Hong Kong. With going to NYFW in mind, i literally danced down the streets of central. haha. I was born here so i guess every style or fashion related gene of mine originates from this over crowded, way too humid piece of land, called Hong Kong. The first video was taken by me and this one taken of me, featuring two very different sides of me. I hope you’ve enjoyed every single post in this portfolio. Thanks for allowing me to explore my new found interest in video editing (seriously addicted!)

If i go to NYFW, i imagine i will use my N8 to capture everything i see in video format. I’d definitely say it’s my favorite part of the phone. The quality of the videos are really amazing.


finger crossed.


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August 9, 2011


American Apparel tee
Twinle belt
H&M jeans
Michael Kors flats
Celine sunglasses (sammy’s)
Cole Hann bag

My friend Sammy comes to Hong Kong every few months and every time she does. She shops and Buys literally 1/3 of any shop she goes into. Insane. But im super jealous haha which brings me to my next point. If i go to NYFW I want to go to all the amazing vintage shops, the little boutiques. the stall and stands that sell accessories, Saks, Barney’s, Madison avenue, the apple store in soho and i probably have to grace by at least one Tiffany & co shop to complete the trip. Eeekkkk! haha i don’t know if i am going yet but thinking about it won’t hurt, right?


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August 8, 2011


My Tumblr account is where i keep a lot of my inspirations. There are personal photos i update from my phone and there are photos where i reblog and keep as a future references. A place for snapshots of my life, everything that goes through my eyes and like, i share instantly on my tumblr. Looking at this archive, of every photo i ever posted on my tumblr is inspiration in itself. To keep going and to stop and savour every moment.

my tumblr: Link

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August 7, 2011


Initial sweater and scarf
Monki shorts
Twinkle tank
Short n’ Sweet  hat and spiky ring
Zara flats
Balenciaga bag
Elizabeth n James glasses
Nokia N8 Pink

All i’ve been able to think about for the past week and a half is New York Fashion Week. It’s gotten to a point where before i decide to buy something i think if it’s NYFW worthy haha. From what i eat to what i do to the photos i take and the remarks i make. NYFW? is this NYFW?
The best way to answer my enquiries for the past 10 days is of course… GO to NYFW =D and experience it first hand. I really do wonder what it’s like. The people, the atmosphere, the food, the press, the designers, clothes, bloggers, cameras, being star struck, anna della russo, miroslava duma, olivia palermo, sartorialist, jak n jill, fashion toast, bryan boy, chicmuse, the man repeller, barneys, saks, sex and the city, sushi, hot dogs stands, pastrami.

Going to NYFW as a style correspondent for Nokia and Elle means, all access pass, interviewing top designers, going to the after parties, meeting a ton of people who share the same interest and the most exciting part is being able to share this experience with my readers. My readers who have become apart of my life, people i talk to, get advice from sometimes i feel like everyone who comes to this blog owns a part of it.

Like a kid in primary school. I feel like sitting up really straight while stretching my arm and saying PICK ME! PICK ME!! =D

What will i bring to NYFW? a dose of Cindiddy and my readers from around the world.


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August 6, 2011


We’ve met. But i hope we meet again! =D


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August 3, 2011


Style, lets not get all technical here. To be honest, style is something we all have, the question of the matter is simply, what is Your style? People read my blog, do so because they can relate to my style, what i wear or how i wear it. Style is not so much about the technical aspects of mixing and matching certain colors, cuts or genre. Its about sending a message, how you feel, what you like, what you care about, where you are in your life.

Life is about making tens of millions of decisions and choosing what to wear is a part of it. Style evolves; as we grow wiser and more experienced in life. We also make wiser and more experienced decisions in what we wear, thus style changes, transcends, and shows not only where you are in life but also how well you know yourself. How in tuned you are.

After all, clothes is just clothes, but when it has the power to inspire yourself or others, maybe you’ll bother to think twice about what you put on the next time.

Best Style Tip: Wear what represents you.

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August 3, 2011


Fashion is not only about wearing big brands, like writing is not only about using big words. It is about utilizing what you have and what you know with what you see and what you’ve learnt along the way. It is about mixing and matching but more importantly, translating. Translating inspiration into design, into actual pieces of clothing, into the hands of us mere mortals. Allowing us to put that piece of clothing into an outfit that in turn lets us translate what we feel that particular day. To me, fashion and writing are closely related, they are both ways for me to exude emotion and show what ticks my clock. Overall, I would say my style is straight forward and easy to understand.

I’m out to infect you with my twisted insights on fashion with my writing, my photos and well, with me. To inspire is my purpose, to persuade is my goal, to live is my life.

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July 29, 2011


These cute drawings of me are done by one of my readers Sabrina.
Since i’ve started blogging, the question ‘what is your style’ is probably one of the the most asked questions. I can go on and on and try to explain what it is but in the end what is simple to me, may not be simple to you. What is parisian chic to me may not be parisian chic to you. So the best way for you to get a sense of what my style is, is to just look and feel for yourselves.
Plus these cartoon drawings of me are one of the most exciting gifts i’ve received through blogging.  =D

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July 28, 2011


Cindiddy x Matahari Clutch, Nokia N8 Pink, notebook, wallet, sunglasses, ipad and lipstick.

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July 25, 2011


Untitled from CindiddyTV on Vimeo.

I’ve never done this before haha so… the only word that comes to mind is Amateur!

This whole video was taken with the Nokia N8 Pink! =D
Song by Jeanie Bryson. Young at heart. GIA soundtrack

“…relate to what you’re seeing, react to what you’re seeing…” Scott Schumann, The Sartorialist.

“… you never know what it is, what that thing is that draws you to that person. but you just let it happen. You know and it seems odd but it’s almost like going there and and letting yourself fall in love a little bit everyday, letting yourself be seduced a little bit everyday” ~ Scott Schumann, The Sartorialist.

“I don’t want to be an icon, i want to be an idea,
i want to represent an idea, i want to represent
possibility.”~ Will Smith

“A well-dressed man/woman… doesn’t notice you noticing them.” ~ Richard Nicoll

“I’d tell them that you don’t have to be anybody. Because being somebody doesn’t make you anybody anyway.” ~ Gia Carangi

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July 24, 2011


Cindiddy x Nokia x Elle. I have a feeling we’ll make a Grrreat team. =D



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