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“Cindy left me speechless. she has such a keen eye for color—right down to the yellow nails and orange lips. I’d say that Anna Dello Russo, Cindy’s fashion muse, had better watch out for this triple threat!”

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Cindy, of Cindiddy, has the most effortless style, whether it comes to the way she dresses or the tone of her blog. She makes it look easy, and she makes it look cool, and she makes you hate her a little because why can’t you be that way too?


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“a keen eye for interpreting hot trends and it makes her readers
(such as us) very envious yet grateful” – CNNgo


“ She’s tall, beautiful and a 100% stylish. Her blog is followed by hundreds of people and is useful as an inspiration for thousands of girls.”- Ellle Espanol

“Her pictures are not only a source of inspiration, are much more of that. They are carefully taken care of and they feel like calm and good environment.”- Elle Espanol

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While Cindiddy claims that she is “just a noble nobody,” her larger than life fashion persona says the opposite. This Hong Kong fashion blogger first started experimenting with clothes as a young 13-year-old model. As you can see, she’s fully matured into her own unique style as she blogs her way through life and multiple wardrobes.


“She exuberates confidence, savviness and enthusiasm in everything she does from painting to modeling to everyday dressing. Her style oozes with raw sexy elegance” – LaMimi



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